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Our Philosophy

Who we are: A group of creatives who focus on both high and low tech solutions to improve efficiency and profitability for businesses.

We partner with our clients to increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and the efficiency of their business operations. We know that not all businesses are the same so our approach is consultative and as hands-on as you need us to be.

How many times have you heard “the best advertising is word-of-mouth”? Word-of-mouth has evolved to mean more than the neighbor telling you which plumber they recommend.

LG Designs knows that word-of-mouth now happens online amongst strangers, neighborhoods, satisfied customers, and dissatisfied customers. There is a conversation happening every moment of every day whether business owners are aware of it or not and LG Designs aims to help direct some of the information your past, current, and future customers are getting about your business.

In addition to marketing, business owners are great at multi-tasking but so overwhelmed with getting through each day that they can’t see the forest for the trees. Our consultative diagnostics of the way your business operates, allows us to take an impartial look at how it can be improved.

Our only goal in partnering with any client is to help grow their new business and better manage the business they already have.

No longer do people pull out the Yellow Pages and flip through looking for the business with the most expensive, largest ads. Customers have grown increasingly savvy about how to look for what they need. We will find a plan of action to ensure that your business is part of the conversation.

Good luck does not come to those who wait. It comes to those who act. LG Designs will help bring the best of luck to your business now and in the future.

Workshops, Speaking, Coaching for Entrepreneurs


At LG Designs we choose to partner with people who share our values. We strive to empower small businesses with the tools they need to achieve whatever goals they’ve set. Marketing, business development, design, consulting and teaching are what we do at LG Designs, but who we are and what we value is rather simple.

Every interaction we have and every client we help provides us the opportunity to display wo we are and who we hope to be. Value comes from aspiring to be great and putting the necessary work in to make it happen.

Our Fantastic Team

We Create Digital Strategies for Small Businesses

Christina Aldan

Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

Christina Aldan is a successful media maven, with over 14 yrs of experience in the digital advertising realm. Christina builds connections through the her keynote addresses, workshops, and technological education. She uses these tools to help individuals and businesses cultivate value in everyday media. Learn more at:

Dane Wilson

Content Writer, Podcast Producer

Dane is the self-proclaimed 157th funniest man alive. He founded Monday Night Writers Group in 2009 in Hollywood, CA. The group has had writers place highly in major screenwriting competitions (Nicholl, Blue Cat, Scriptapalooza, Austin FF, Equal Writes etc.), received raves on The Black List, optioned scripts and gotten representation. Dane is a multi-hyphenate talent (barf) who is always working on feature spec scripts, writer for hire work and is currently working on far too many projects that all just need to be finished. His acting credits include co-starring in a feature length comedy that he was promised would result in stardom. He’s still waiting for Judd Apatow to call. He also co-created, wrote and acted in the web series comedy hit Lesbian Cops.

Kevyn Moseley

Creative Content, Administration

Kevyn Moseley manages social media content and helps keep the team on track while earning her degree. She is currently a student at the College of Southern Nevada, studying Physical Therapy. Her passions are dancing and making people laugh. She wants to make a difference by working on projects that help empower through social justice and equality.

Ryan Miyaki

Digital Strategist

Ryan Miyaki was former Chairman of the Internet Marketing Association’s Las Vegas chapter, Jr Analysis for Trefis financial news network, and has founded multiple award-winning companies. Ryan brings his unique skill set to LG Designs in business development, operations, marketing, advertising, social media, and innovation. His primary goal is to set your business up for success from the ground up.

Michael Dowden

Accessibility Developer

Michael is a software developer and product architect with more than 20 years experience building and maintaining websites and web-based applications. He has a degree in computer science and an MBA in entrepreneurship. Michael is a published author, international speaker, Google Developer Expert, and a Microsoft MVP. As a consultant and business owner he understand the value of simplicity and clear communication.