LG Podcast Network

Have you thought of hosting your own podcast show? Join the LG Podcast Network! The mission of the LG Podcast Network is to amplify the voices of podcasters with a positive, inspiring message about growth, community, and connection related to business or to managing our personal lives.

The LG Podcast Network produces podcasts and entertains listeners about topics related to lifting and inspiring others in business and in their personal lives. Christina Aldan has hundreds of experiences -both live and produced- as an interviewer and an interviewee for news, internet television, podcasts, and radio. Our production process is designed to make it as easy as possible to share your positive message with the world.


Join the LG Podcaster Tribe!

Do you have an uplifting message to share with the world? We make it easy! Our podcasting process is more affordable and streamlined than you might think. Join the LG Podcast Network! Click here to send us a message with your idea. If your idea is accepted to participate in our podcast network, then we will help teach you how to amplify your reach and grow your tribe.