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Welcome to Wake the Health Up!  A podcast for you. In the nutrition and health fields, there are specialists and experts on every side of a topic that can run the gamut from helpful and informative, to confusing or outright misleading. Regardless of the sometimes-divisive and conflicting expert opinions, there are actions you can take —habits you can develop— to help the body you live in be the healthiest body possible. It is time to Wake the Health Up!  We created this podcast to educate and inspire you to discover what steps you can take to create a healthier you.

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A Bite-sized Podcast_ Luckygirl Christina Aldan

Welcome to Luckygirl, a Podcast for all you Female Solopreneurs and Entrepreninjas. In today’s business environment, social media, traditional media, and digital media all intersect. Learning how to navigate the landscape can be confusing. I created this bite-sized podcast to help inspire, support, connect, grow, motivate, support and ultimately ENRICH your life.

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Robb Selander-podcaster

Welcome to The Identity Edge Podcast. Being authentic in a world of corporate and personal branding, social media, and just navigating through business and life requires we look at identity: what it is, how it works, and how it effects every aspect of who we are and the world we live in. (launching soon)

Jodi Selander-postpartumsurvivalguide

Having a baby is a tremendous transition. The Postpartum Survival Podcast gives parents the tactics they need to move out of the initial survival mode into confident parenting more quickly. Hosted by a mother of three who has been helping women navigate that transition successfully for nearly a decade, this truly is THE guide you need to prepare yourself for Life, After Baby. It contains words of wisdom from the trenches, as well as scientific research and a bit of old-school practicality. Parenting is an adventure, and like any grand adventure, preparation is key. Don’t just SURVIVE parenthood – THRIVE in it! (launching soon)

Ask The Placenta Lady is a show about the birth year. Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery – no question is too strange for The Placenta Lady! Serving Nevada mothers since 2006, Jodi Selander is dedicated to helping new mothers have a happy, healthy, post-partum recovery.

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Have you thought of hosting your own podcast show? Join the LG Podcast Network! The mission of the LG Podcast Network is to amplify the voices of podcasters with a positive, inspiring message about growth, community, and connection related to business or to managing our personal lives.

The LG Podcast Network produces podcasts and entertains listeners about topics related to lifting and inspiring others in business and in their personal lives. Christina Aldan has hundreds of experiences -both live and produced- as an interviewer and an interviewee for news, internet television, podcasts, and radio. Our production process is designed to make it as easy as possible to share your positive message with the world.


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