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Podcasters’ Payments 1

Congrats! Your podcast was accepted into the LG Podcast Network. Welcome to the LG Podcaster Tribe!

We will produce 1 podcast episode for you each month for 6 months. 100.00 x 6 = 600.00 total, plus 300.00 setup fee.

A 100.00 recurring payment will automatically be charged to your card at the beginning of each month, for 6 months. There is a 10% discount if you wish to pay for all podcast episodes at once.

The 300.00 signup fee for the LG Podcast Network includes:

  • iTunes account setup assistance and integrations
  • Libsyn account setup assistance and integration with website (if applicable)
  • Social Media automation (if applicable)
  • Social Media integration (if applicable)
  • Spotify integration (if applicable)
  • Add to the LG Podcast Network webpage
  • Help recording your 60-second commercial
  • Help recording your intro and outtro
  • Live Potluck Launch Party to co-work and co-create together!

Remember to sign and return the podcaster contract (LG Podcast Network podcaster agreement 1)



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