Back then, women were considered just as homemakers. Their job was to raise children and prepare the house for the men of the family who were supposed to be the provider. Today, it is a totally different story. We now see a lot of households where both parents are working. In fact, a lot of women have taken on powerful roles in the society from politics to entertainment and even in sports.

One of the fields where women are really doing well is business. Today, you can see a lot of businesses where women are on top. Back then, we see men dominating this field. Board rooms were called men’s club. Women were not even in the picture.

With women who were bold enough to take a leap, changes took place. We now see a lot of businesses that were started by women. They have proven that business is a complicated field, but is not just for men. The Fortune 500 CEO’s might not have a lot of women, but we are surely adding more to that list in the future.

There are other interesting facts about women in business that you need to understand. This is why we have compiled an infographic that you might find useful. You can identify the number of women who are doing well in business and in which states their businesses can be found. This is a positive leap forward and women who are taking these bold steps deserve our support.

7 Incredible Facts About Women Owned Businesses