2015 Work in Progress CatalystCreativ Speaker Christina AldanLast Friday the earth shook. The 15N off-ramp quaked. Asphalt crumbled. As a result of re-routed traffic, I was 30 minutes late for my speaking gig at CatalystCreativ at Work in Progress.

Luckily, Evelyn had another activity for the group, so I was still able to present and make it to my 3:00p phone mtg. Thx for being flexible, Evelyn.

Here are my notes from the presentation

“5 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy Sucks”:


  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Be better at promoting yourself and your business
  • Sharing others’ stuff using the 80/20 rule
  • Connecting on social media is an extension of your network
  • Be authentic and realize that there is no such thing as work-life balance. They are not separate. Your personal Facebook page is as powerful as your business Facebook page so if you are confrontational and angry and gossiping on your personal page, you are atill representing your brand. I’ve seen people say “this is my personal page, not my business page so I can say whatever I want here.”

Your content should tell a story over the year and each quarter should focus on supporting that story. Every piece of content should serve as evidence of how your brand tells the story and how your company culture LIVES the story.

If you find it difficult to tell your own story and self-promote, like I do, then have an advocate. Tell THEM your story, write down your strategy and goals, then have them implement it on your behalf. And by advocate, I don’t mean a brand new intern who knows the least about your business, your brand identity and your culture. I mean someone who shares your vision and wants to share it with the world. You don’t want the lowest person on the totem pole advertising to the widest audience.

  1. Your content lacks value – your audience doesn’t relate to your posts so they are not engaging with your brand – post interesting content that reinforces the story of your brand
  2. You are trying too hard to produce mass quantity and you are lacking quality – forcing your sales team to write blogs about topics they have no interest in is not “creative content.”
  3. You are inflexible – You’ve got to adapt your content as your target market’s interests shift. You need people on your team who are accountable to each other and who are willing to say “this content sucks and we can do better.”
  4. You are missing a CTA – Calls-to-action guide people towards the end goal
  5. You have no idea what your numbers are – Analytics are excellent tools for measuring progress
I have a freebie content editorial calendar to share