A social media networking service is an online platform, app or website which focuses on connecting people who, for might share the same interests, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections. A social network service lets you create your avatar (a digital representation of you) and your experiences. Clients ask us all the time how they might build effective and revenue-producing social media campaigns for their small business. They want to know how to create a social media strategy that will meet a conversion goal such as an increase in sales. My first questions are usually:

“What are you using now and how much time are you willing to spend using what I call ‘digital word-of-mouth’ techniques. ” 

Anyone who has heard me talk about closing the marketing loop knows where I am going with this. 

A complete social media marketing campaign allows for customization of your content and connects your product easily to your target audience. Communication on social media allows for an almost immediate response to your online audience. Customer participation is important when wanting communication and feedback from your social media audience. A solid social media marketing strategy will enable you to collect data so you will be able to match clients to the exact product and service that’s right for them. 

1) Think of ways to create engaging content that your audience will respond to. What need are you fulfilling?

2) Know your target market. Know their language. Are they bi-lingual? Are they internet-savvy? What life stage are they in? From which part of the world do they hail? Are they self-employed? These are the types of data you can collect on social media to learn more about how to deliver the perfect products and services to your online audience.

3) You may have heard the term “Social Listening” before. Social listening allows you to watch the behaviors of your online audience over time. Using Facebook’s search tool helps you study a similar brand’s strategy and compare your marketing and advertising results.

4) Integrate social media marketing with your traditional marketing strategy, such as hosting a live Facebook Q&A during a radio interview or a Twitter coupon campaign while your startup airs on Tanked.

Keeping these things in mind, you will be able to start building an effective marketing campaign and products for your target audience.